Hands on Management by People Who Care

Serving our Local Communities for Over 25 Years

“TMMC has been our property management company for our homeowners association for about 5 years. Our HOA consists of 682 homes and TMMC has done a great job managing our community. They are extremely reliable and always willing to deal with the tough issues and concerns that come with an HOA of our size. TMMC works with the board of directors to keep us informed, educated and accomplish what needs to be done.  They have been a great resource for our board as new members come on o the board, getting them up to speed and off and running.  I recommend TMMC to any HOA looking for a reliable, personable, and educated partner with.”

“TMMC has been our property management company for the last few years.  During this time, I must say that our Association has never run smoother.  TMMC and specifically our community manager, have imparted their considerable knowledge to us in every aspect of Board direction.  I feel that they serve as a great safety net for the Board and the homeowners.  Both our Community Manager and TMMC have exceptional knowledge of compliance issues which are very important to the workings of our Board.  They are responsive, have great integrity, are well organized and they understand the needs of our specific community.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any Association that wants a quality organization for their homeowners.”

“TMMC’s service is exceptional. As Board President, I think of TMMC as an invaluable partner, making my job not just easier, but possible. They provide excellent customer service and are an invaluable support to our community. Their attention to detail and deep expertise allow me to focus on the the big picture items of managing the neighborhood with the confidence that nothing is slipping through the cracks. Our representative and all of the support staff at TMMC are professional, responsive, and dedicated and  I highly recommend them to any neighborhood seeking a new management company.”

“I have worked for HOA’s that TMMC managed on large loss reconstruction claim for a fire that destroyed a condo building displacing 24 families during Christmas week. That job could not have come at a worse time for the families affected by that fire. I watched TMMC work countless hours through the nights and on weekends to make sure that the needs of those unit owners were met. I was able to observe TMMC every step of the way, sitting in on board meetings and working with them on complex issues involving all aspects of the re-construction process.  TMMC effectively communicated and served a liaison to the insurance adjuster and homeowners.  I highly recommend TMMC.”

“Where do I begin with my thoughts on TMMC?  When one becomes a home owner for the first time or even for a fifth time, there is always some trepidation about dealing with a homeowner’s association.  I, along with various homeowners, hear the horror stories on the news, in print, and on the internet.  Since my wife and I became homeowners at a property managed by TMMC, I can sincerely say that the fear, trepidation, and general assumptions about HOA’s can be thrown out the window. 

When a consumer deals with anyone in a human relations capacity, they always expect a polite nature.  TMMC gives that and so much more.  TMMC is accurate and honest – which is important to me as a homeowner.  If TMMC doesn’t know something, TMMC will follow up after research and provide an answer.  When I have complaints or concerns about something in the community, TMMC will take care of the issues with swift action and follows up on the result of those actions.

No company is perfect, but in my experiences past and present, TMMC makes a strong case for perfection in the capacity of their position.  It’s a comforting feeling to know that I can expect to be treated with respect by my HOA community manager. I sleep much better knowing that TMMC is looking out for my family and I.”

I am so happy for you. I’ve known you all a long time now and it is always and honor and a pleasure to work with you! It have been amazing to watch your success. This is America and it is always refreshing when hard work and great customer service are rewarded! I will always recommend you. Dave and Michelle you are inspiring. Congrats to you and your TEAM!