Hands on Management by People Who Care

Serving our Local Communities for Over 25 Years

About Us

At TMMC our motto is simple, Hands on Management by People Who Care.  TMMC takes pride in the hands-on service we provide to our clients.  Our highest priority is exceptional customer service, which is a cornerstone of why we were established.  We strive to build a relationship with each of our Board of Directors as well as the members of the community to give you a personal touch. With TMMC you are not just a property.  We understand the needs of the Board, residents and contractors, and we work hard to excel in the services we provide you which includes clear transparency and communication. Our goal is long term client retention.

In order to achieve our company’s motto, TMMC employs a highly qualified and dedicated staff with over 65 years of combined experience to assist in the management of our associations. We provide full service community management, community governance, accounting, Board education, and website services. We use a time tested means of management, ensuring that your community is well maintained and compliant to your established HOA regulations. Your design guidelines and covenant enforcement documents, along with the collection policy, will be quickly integrated into our software and combined with the Board’s desired level of enforcement in order to provide a clear, consistent and fair communication to the owners.

  • Long Term Client Retention
  • Hands-on Service
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Dedicated Staff

For the past 26 years, TMMC has taken tremendous pride in our work and believe in order to do a good job you must have hands on knowledge. Your property will be personally visited by your community manager as well as by one our highly qualified property inspectors for general property and spring inspections with the Developer, Board, committees, or HOA staff members.

When working with contractors, our goal is to procure the highest quality services through a careful selection process. We will obtain bids for any required service as directed by the Board or, if you prefer, work with your existing contractors. We also offer light maintenance and property enhancement. All contractors that we work with are required to provide a certificate of insurance, a workman’s compensation indemnity agreement and a vendor agreement prior to beginning work. We have established quality, long-lasting relationships with our contractors. We encourage you to contact any of our contractors to discuss our performance.

We know how important communication is in order to foster a well run community. Either by telephone, personal contact, text or email, TMMC will facilitate all communication between Board members, committee members and residents. We offer 24-hr emergency service 365 days a year and respond to all routine calls within 1 business day. 

TMMC is a small – medium sized company with fifteen full time team members. We provide a level of hands on personal management rarely achieved by larger companies. We pride ourselves in our business and our associations. We believe in creating a team relationship with Board Members, built on integrity, friendship and hard work.